There’s nothing like running 10 miles in the soaking rain to clear out the stuff rattling around inside my head.  Unfortunately, I could’ve used a few more miles today to complete the job.  Not sure I accomplished much but some calorie-burning – not that I’m minimizing that. 
I sensed my own insecurities as the wet miles rolled by.  I just ran my best marathon (of 4) this year, and now I’m running with a hesitant step and thinking I’m a very long way from being back in the game.
It’s so much like life, this running thing.  Really.  I’m either completely full of myself, or I’m fearing total collapse, and every step is a question.  And the only real difference is what’s going on in my mind.  I’m learning, though, to be more content along the way.  I realize I can be scared to death and still run my best race.  I just have to keep going – that’s all.  Just keep going.
Open heart.  Open mind.  Moving feet.
Is there any other way to run?  One step at a time and just keep going, or sit my ass on the couch.  Those are the options.  The scenery is so much more exciting outside the living room.  And I certainly can’t deny the joy of the journey.  I don’t want to watch Life from the window – I want to be in it, even if I’m not confident in my stride.
Today brought no earth-shattering revelations – no records were broken.  I simply ran 10 miles in the rain and lived to tell about it.

Oh, and the Redskins beat the Ravens in OT.  Not a bad day.

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