I’m scoring pretty high on the feel-good scale this week.  Balls are still in the air, but I’m content to juggle them for now, at least until my arms get tired or I drop them all. 
Speaking of arms…
I whined to Coach this week about the layer of ick covering up my beautiful arm muscles which must surely lie just beneath the surface.  After trying to convince me that my arms are just fine, he realized I wasn’t going to budge on that one, and he changed up today’s workout a little to help me reach my goal of de-icking myself.  Of course, I don’t want my arms to look like his – I’m a girl, after all, but he has absolutely no ick – anywhere – that I can see.  He’s sure doing something right.
I’ve come to rely heavily on those daily workouts.  They’ve become an integral part of my life – a habit that has no hesitation.  I look forward to the time, and missing it shakes up my world a little.  I love my routines.  I get so cranky when anything threatens to upset them.
Meanwhile, training is fully underway for the Spring running season, and I have lots of work ahead of me.  That keeps me busy, happy, and out of trouble.

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