I’m only slightly cranky to be out of my routines this week.  Coach is gallivanting, and I am left to fend for myself for working out and other assorted entertainment.

I decided to move my morning runs to lunchtime to avoid the bore of lifting weights alone.  I would rather run in the morning, but I have to admit it’s nice to head out without a headlamp for awhile and be able to see where I’m going.

I’m still trying to tweak my calorie intake.  I think I’ve gone a little overboard because eating for fuel instead of eating for sustenance is a different strategy and makes me really hungry all the time.  Coach says that’s good and normal – that the furnace is working and doing its job.  Whatever.  I’m starving – constantly.  Today I got hunger pains in mile 3 of my run.  Weird.

But the underlying happiness makes me feel all warm and cuddly.  I’m being nourished from the inside out, and I do believe I’m glowing.  Is it the bee pollen? 

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