It’s been a big day.  
I gave myself permission to skip my scheduled 4 miles, but even as I sit here and type, I’m wondering if I should jump on my treadmill for a spin.
I’m still trying to get my bearings and collect my thoughts.
Here’s what I know for sure:

  • Arm Day is a gift, and even when I’m too stressed to focus 100%, I am ever grateful for the offering. 
  • Putting a loved one’s best interest ahead of my own selfish wants is never easy.  Watching someone put my best interest ahead of their wants is strangely unfamiliar.  And when two people choose this option simultaneously, Love enters the room and lightens the load.
  • Sometimes I’m too loyal, too long.  But I hold firm to my belief that one person can make a difference, and if I ever stop believing it my soul will surely die. 
  • Every problem has more than one solution.  Why shouldn’t I try to find one that makes me really happy?  I will never lose hope that the Universe will present a creative answer that will leave me crying from joy, not sadness.
  • The Universe is writing a story beyond my wildest dreams, and I can’t skip ahead to the next chapter.  It’s one page at a time. 
  • Facing Fear squarely with Love is the only way to win.  Loosening my grasp on those things which I hold most tightly melts the Fear and makes room for Love to fill all the open spaces.

So maybe I’ve answered yesterday’s question about how to give Love.  Maybe the very best way for me to Love another person – not just myself – is to Fear Less.  All the brownies and hot sex in the world can’t create the same euphoria found in just one Loving moment – that moment when the world makes sense and everything is soft and glowing and divine.  Maybe the only way for me to figure that out was to give up chocolate and orgasms. 
I’m good with that. 

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