After a hard run and a scalding shower, I donned my pajamas again – because I can.   And it’s raining.  And disgusting.  And it’s just a good day to hang out.
My weekends have become so focused on running – there’s really no energy left for much else.  No crazy, turn-the-house-inside-out cleaning sessions.  No day trips or dates or anything, really.  Just running and writing and recovering and thinking about running.  And sex – sometimes I think about that.
I figure after the marathon in May I might take some time off from training.  We’ll see.  I’m kind of exhausted.
What I’d really like to consider is a solo vacation to some ethereal place where I can unwind and do some serious writing for My Story.  I imagine a warm, sunny, secluded beach where the locals speak a lovely language…
But for now, the first pages are taking shape in my study in a rainy NJ farm town. 
It’s a long story. 

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