Sex has to be the most taboo, most thought-about subject ever, especially when you aren’t getting any.

This period of celibacy has taken me through an interesting range of emotions, and I sense my sexuality is evolving along with the rest of me.  Despite my controlling nature, sex is one of the few areas of my life where I want to surrender.  My favorite fantasies have involved a powerful, confident man and lots of ravaging.  But as I become stronger, how do I reconcile my new-found toughness with my femininity?
Lately, I’ve been letting my wandering mind stray from my traditional sexy daydreams into uncharted territory that involves true intimacy, and it’s a huge adjustment.  I know what it feels like to let go of Fear in my everyday life.  What about letting go of that during sex?  It’s not about Fear of sex itself but really stepping out of my clothes and exposing my true Self is something I’m not sure I’ve ever done before. 
Anyway, it’s an interesting thought, and thinking is all I have right now. 

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