After 7 years of divorce, I realize Mr. N/A just doesn’t get it.  He doesn’t.  

Every time he tries to put my parenting skills on his bench for a judgment, it becomes more and more apparent that he doesn’t get it.  I think he does the best he can, and I’ve watched my kids develop their own relationships with him over the years because of the miracle of the Al-Anon program.  I’m happy about that.  But he’ll never understand that I had anything to do with the fact that his kids don’t hate him today.
His behavior doesn’t hurt me anymore; it only makes him seem more and more pathetic.   
I don’t feel sorry for him, though.  He doesn’t have to be an ass.  But it’s clear he doesn’t get it.
I can barely remember how miserable I was while I was married to him.  But every time he communicates with me it all comes rushing back, and I’m so glad I escaped and found happiness at last.
The future will tell what kind of relationships my kids will have with their mom and dad.  I hope they find a way to continue loving both of us, exactly as we are, and I hope we’ve brought them up well enough that they won’t be assholes.

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