Last night I woke up completely drenched with sweat.  My chest is aching a little more this morning, and I’m wondering if this isn’t simply recovery from last weekend’s race.  I think my old friend, Anxiety, is making an appearance.

As many things as I have to be grateful about, I have just as many stressors and worries pushing against me and trying to get my attention.  Sometimes I can tune them out and focus on the grateful part.  Most of the time I can.  But occasionally, Anxiety refuses to be quieted, and today I’m hurting a little.
The Universe is exasperating when it brings a miraculous solution for one big worry at the same time an even bigger one is looming just beyond my sight line.  It just doesn’t seem fair to lull me into a false sense of complacency.  Maybe that’s why I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop – it’s inevitable, just like the next ocean wave.
But my needs and wants seem so simple (at least, to me):

  • I want my biggest problem to be fixed.
  • I want to be touched.   
  • I want to run.
  • I want to live in Love, not Fear. 

Am I really so high-maintenance?

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