What a great day. Even though I’ve only had a couple of doses of medicine, I feel like a brand new girl. How can the physical be so mental?

I walked into the gym and basked in the smell of it and in the routine of handing over my membership card to be swiped in. It was like coming home after an exhausting trip. It just felt so good.

I was delighted to see Coach while I was in a much more calm space; I almost felt like I had a little buzz going. Maybe it was the drugs, but I think I felt my glow. We did a round of back work and then moved to a circuit set that left both of us breathing heavily – me, more so than him.

And I was happy.

I feel optimistic about the future in a blind-trust way. I’m getting out of the driver’s seat and letting go of the blessed “how’s” in exchange for relaxing into Love and trusting that the Universe, in all it’s perfection, will ensure (one way or another) that everything will not just be okay, but will be absolutely fucking perfect.

I committed to Coach that I won’t spend another minute worrying about the things I cannot change. But if the day comes when I need to change the things I can, I hope I have the courage and the grace to do so in Love.

Until then, I will…

Fear less. Love more. Worry not. Feel joy. Glow, glow, glow… And maybe run a few miles.

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