I slept in very late and woke up with less chest pain than I’ve had in a couple of weeks.  Yay!  My typically stiff morning ankles protested only as far as the bathroom, and then they relaxed and felt somewhat normal.  My body must be getting used to the extra weekly miles.  I was surprised that my ass hurt a little, and then I remembered – Coach’s circuits.  Damn.

It’s fucking amazing, this life of mine.

If someone had asked me 5 years ago where I saw myself at this time, I’m not sure what I would have said, but I never could have painted the picture I’m living.  Never.  Five years ago I was looking for a job and hoping I wouldn’t have to spend another hot NJ summer in a house with no air-conditioning.

And I hated running.

Today I ran my fastest 8-mile training run ever, and I wasn’t really paying too much mind to my pace.  I ran by feel, and I felt pretty good.  My breathing was easier than it’s been in weeks.  And this was just a warm-up for tomorrow’s long, slow 18, which I am looking forward to with giddy anticipation.  

Tonight, I’m meeting an old girlfriend for dinner in Princeton.  She’s going through some of the ickier parts of life and has a long road a head of her, bless her heart.  She texted me a little while ago and asked what I was wearing.  “A dress?” she asked, (hopefully, I believe).  I almost choked.  A dress?  On a disgusting March evening with snow and a wintery mix falling from the sky… no.  No dress.  I’m not going there to impress anyone – I just want to have dinner with my friend.  One day, when she wakes up from her nightmare, she’ll understand that the key to happiness does not lie in persuading a man to strike up a flirty conversation with her in a trendy NJ town.   The thought of prowling nauseates me, especially in this state, where the population of males is 90% assholes.

My agenda is to order something delicious, indulge in a glass of wine, get some giggly girl talk going, let someone else do the dishes, and head home to bed to rest up for tomorrow’s run.

I am thrilled to be back into my “feel-good” groove.  Thank you, Dear Universe.  I guess you all are stuck with my boring, sickening posts about how fucking happy I am.  Lucky you.

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