Despite the absolutely abhorrent weather and other assorted minor annoyances today, I am in a fabulously happy mood.  I love that.

I walked through the office this afternoon and someone in a small group commented on my big smile.  Then another person said, “She’s always smiling like that.”  Hmm.
Cuz I’m fucking happy, that’s why.
Today was Day 1 of Coach’s “get serious” fitness program.  I pushed till fail on a few chest-press sets and push-ups, but I hung in there okay for a girl.  The jump rope left me a little dizzy, which seems crazy, but apparently jumping is way different than running.  At the end of it all, I was pleasantly buzzed and exhausted.  And smiling.
The outstanding workout made the afternoon tolerable, and I was even happy during my grocery-store shopping, which is highly unusual for me.  I listened to my new Bon Jovi song on auto-replay and never got tired of it – from the vegetable aisle to the dairy section, it was all good.
I took in all the promises of yesterday’s run that might go unnoticed in a drive-by – the swollen buds on the trees and the peeps of yellow in the still-bowed heads of the daffodils.  I hid those things in my heart to ponder on just such an ugly March day as this.  Spring is coming, even if this lousy weather continues to try to convince me otherwise.  It’s coming, just like it always does, just in the nick of time. 
Before I can blink, the sun will warm my skin and color will explode around me and fill me up with Love.  And all of the things that appeared dead will rise up and live new lives.  My heart will sing, my skin will glow, and Spring Fever will make me positively giddy.
It’s beautiful to be feeling well again.  

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