Some nights, crawling under the covers is an amazing luxury. Every muscle is tired. My bones ache. And I am in love with my bed. The fact that I can write a blog post from such a comfortable place amazes me and makes me so grateful to live in the age of personal technology.

I’ve decided, for the moment at least, that I will practice serenity in the middle of Limbo. I may not get it right. I may not succeed every day, but I’m off to a good start.

I divulged my intentions to Coach this afternoon. With a grin, a dash of sarcasm, and a lot of wisdom, he gently reminded me I’m not the only person on the planet cursed with Limbo Land. Why do I forget stuff like that so easily? Sometimes I believe I’m one of a select few continually tortured with the Unknown. How silly is that? None of us knows what tomorrow holds for us. Not one.

I need to make peace with the meantime.

Coach and I proceeded to have a pleasant and constructive back and abs workout. He took my max-the-stack challenge without consequence; I think I detected a trace of amusement on his face. I never get tired of admiring his tremendous strength.

But since I am losing the fight against sleep in this divine bed of mine, I think it’s time to say goodnight.

I’m happy.

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