Today was Chest Day.  I wondered out loud to Coach if he thought his rib cage had expanded over time to adapt to his impressive chest muscles.  Surely it must have, I think.  If my heart grew to accommodate my vigorous running schedule, surely something had to evolve inside of Coach with all of his heavy lifting to support all that extra brawn.

The chest machines at the gym were buzzing – I guess a lot of members decided a cold snowy Monday was a good day to press it out.  We started with the dumbbells on the bench, which was all I could do a few months ago.  I remember when I couldn’t lift any of the chest press machines, even when they were empty.   
Today I achieved “Bad Ass” status, a title bestowed upon me by my very patient and amazing Coach.  I finally graduated to one full set with the big-boy plates – 45 lbs. on each side – for the incline chest press.  What a surprise for this girl. 
I’m thrilled.  He’s a damn good Coach.
It’s so exciting to see consistent, hard work rewarded with a tangible result.  Better yet, the self-confidence that comes along with doing the very thing I said I couldn’t is remarkably empowering.  Slowly, I shrug my shoulders out of old belief systems that just don’t fit me anymore and, with wide eyes, don something new that I never dreamed I would ever own. 
Sometimes it just takes a very special person to believe in me when I’m incapable of doing it for myself. 
I’m so grateful for this moment in my life.  I’m so glad I met this remarkable man at a time when I can be somewhat receptive to what he has to say.  I’m so happy that my heart is open and I can begin to break down those old, self-limiting ideas and start to believe that maybe I really am a Bad Ass.  
I hope he knows what a gift it is to be a great Coach.  I hope he knows that he’s changing lives.  It may be a voluntary, thankless job, but in his own quiet way, he’s making a magical mark on the world.  

1 Comment on “Pump it Up

  1. Congrats on achieving something you never thought possible. Big boy plates can be somewhat intimidating but yet so impressive! You earned the bad ass title. Your coach sounds like a wonderful man. He has been a solid positive influence in your life. I love hearing about the good people in this world.


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