I thought my lunchtime run would calm me down, but it seems to have had the opposite effect, stirring up my adrenalin and wreaking havoc with my hormones.

Coach was offsite today, so I decided to venture outside for my scheduled 8 miles.  He told me to let him know how I did, so instead of the 9:30’s I originally intended, I ended up with 8:53’s.  I actually felt very comfortable and not at all stressed.  What a head game.

I missed him terribly today.  Our schedule is suffering because of work obligations, and though we’re religious about our afternoon workouts when we’re both available, we haven’t had a full week in a very long time.

After a quick shower, I returned to my desk with a voracious appetite for both food and sex.  Go figure.

I lamented my sad story to my gorgeous (not gay), very fit and beautiful hairdresser this evening, and he came out of Shampoo Boy retirement to give me the best scalp massage of my life.  Oh yeah.  His strong hands felt divine on my head and the edges of my face.  Thank you.

I’m also due for another massage, which may take the edge off of my craving to be touched, but being touched by anybody is not the same as being touched by somebody.


A guy at work asked me today if I had a boyfriend.  I said no.  He asked me why I was single.  (He wasn’t fishing – he has a serious girlfriend.)  Isn’t that a crazy question to ask someone?  Like I would have any sort of an intelligent, credible answer for him.  It’s complicated.

I just looked at him, with his incredulous look on his face, and then he had the balls to ask me if I was “hooking up” with anyone.  I said no, why do you think I’m so cranky?

Wait a minute… I’m not done… One more time – with feeling…

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