Month: April 2013

Wind in my Sails

My son was in a funky funk and wasn’t interested in any of the dinner options I offered tonight.  I could tell he needed to eat, and mostly he needed to talk, but it’s not easy to draw him out.  So I grabbed the tortillas and cheese and asked him to come talk to me while I made quesadillas for my daughter and myself.  … Read More Wind in my Sails

I’m Gonna Make this Place my Home

After a very long day full of running, eating, and friendship, I couldn’t wait to return to the things I find most comforting – my countryside, my heavenly bed, and a promise of a brand-new week bright with opportunity and happy things. What once brought only sorrow and frustration has become my light and joy.  For it is in this place – this foreign … Read More I’m Gonna Make this Place my Home

Home Away from Home

It feels strange to be here – in this place – where I first stepped outside of the opinions and thoughts of others and began to form my own. DC is spectacular in the springtime. I held my breath as I drove along the GW Parkway this afternoon and felt the wonderful energy this season offers in our nation’s capital. Active people were out … Read More Home Away from Home

Conversations of the Heart

I’ve always been a big talker.  A long discussion was the answer to everything – conflict resolution, self-expression, and attempts to connect with another living soul. In the past year, my words have very often escaped me – my tongue tied and voice forgotten.  My body took over the task with dozens of tell-tale facial expressions and he learned them all until he knew … Read More Conversations of the Heart

Pre-Race Jitters

Another exhausting day.  I complain, but truth be told, I like to be busy and feel like I contribute something for my efforts. I’m trying not to think about the countdown to my marathon; I can’t believe it’s looming now.  The taper is in full swing along with my appetite and my nerves.  My head is freaking out and lectures me every day about … Read More Pre-Race Jitters


The weather was cold and dreary and it sort of matched my mood. I drove to work in silence – only the roar of traffic on the turnpike and the whooshing of thoughts in my head. I still feel the glow, but today yielded to more practical and immediate issues at hand, which threw off my dreamland state temporarily. Coach is off to battle; … Read More Quickie

A Girl Can Dream

Staring at a blank screen… my thoughts are tumbling inside my head and I can’t find my voice. While I’m quite sure I have no right to be this happy, it remains so.  I’m sleep-walking through this dream that refuses to leave my mind – not that I’m complaining. The intensity deepens, and I am overwhelmed with emotions – great big, gigantic emotions that … Read More A Girl Can Dream