Month: April 2013

Wind in my Sails

My son was in a funky funk and wasn’t interested in any of the dinner options I offered tonight.  I could tell he needed to eat, and mostly he needed to talk, but it’s not easy to draw him out.  So I grabbed the tortillas and cheese and asked him to come talk to me while I made quesadillas for my daughter and myself.  … Read More Wind in my Sails

I’m Gonna Make this Place my Home

After a very long day full of running, eating, and friendship, I couldn’t wait to return to the things I find most comforting – my countryside, my heavenly bed, and a promise of a brand-new week bright with opportunity and happy things. What once brought only sorrow and frustration has become my light and joy.  For it is in this place – this foreign … Read More I’m Gonna Make this Place my Home

Home Away from Home

It feels strange to be here – in this place – where I first stepped outside of the opinions and thoughts of others and began to form my own. DC is spectacular in the springtime. I held my breath as I drove along the GW Parkway this afternoon and felt the wonderful energy this season offers in our nation’s capital. Active people were out … Read More Home Away from Home

Conversations of the Heart

I’ve always been a big talker.  A long discussion was the answer to everything – conflict resolution, self-expression, and attempts to connect with another living soul. In the past year, my words have very often escaped me – my tongue tied and voice forgotten.  My body took over the task with dozens of tell-tale facial expressions and he learned them all until he knew … Read More Conversations of the Heart

Pre-Race Jitters

Another exhausting day.  I complain, but truth be told, I like to be busy and feel like I contribute something for my efforts. I’m trying not to think about the countdown to my marathon; I can’t believe it’s looming now.  The taper is in full swing along with my appetite and my nerves.  My head is freaking out and lectures me every day about … Read More Pre-Race Jitters


The weather was cold and dreary and it sort of matched my mood. I drove to work in silence – only the roar of traffic on the turnpike and the whooshing of thoughts in my head. I still feel the glow, but today yielded to more practical and immediate issues at hand, which threw off my dreamland state temporarily. Coach is off to battle; … Read More Quickie

A Girl Can Dream

Staring at a blank screen… my thoughts are tumbling inside my head and I can’t find my voice. While I’m quite sure I have no right to be this happy, it remains so.  I’m sleep-walking through this dream that refuses to leave my mind – not that I’m complaining. The intensity deepens, and I am overwhelmed with emotions – great big, gigantic emotions that … Read More A Girl Can Dream

Dream Run

I couldn’t wait for my run this morning.  I craved a little personal space so I could let my mind wander back to my dream without interruption.  A couple of hours worked for me. The sun was bright but not warm, and the lighter winds made for a terrific Sunday jog through the countryside. I felt happy and the miles passed quickly and easily … Read More Dream Run

Dream On

Dreams end too quickly; I want to rewind the tape and play it back, frame by frame, over and over again, until every moment is permanently etched in my memory, to be recalled at will whenever I please. But the details fade into feelings – and the feelings are enormous – and I am left struggling with the weight of them. He took me … Read More Dream On

A Mighty Sword

I’m floating.  My head is dreaming and my body is going through the motions of a lazy Saturday morning.  I feel calm and my eyes are on the edge of happy tears.  My favorite sweats hang off of my hips casually – I love the temporary flat-stomach results of inadvertently missing a meal.  I feel free in a comfortable way – sort of like … Read More A Mighty Sword

Just Love

I’ve come to the conclusion that some things just can’t be explained.  I wondered if I lacked the vocabulary or the smarts to convey certain feelings and experiences, but now I’m thinking some things can only be felt, not documented.  My feelings have been larger than life in the last year – so big I can’t manage them effectively at times.  I’ve never known … Read More Just Love

Word Search

Another long, long day. I missed my Wednesday workout with Coach, but I took advantage of his absence and used the time to get my daily miles out of the way.  It was gorgeous outside, and my run felt comfortable and invigorating.  Tomorrow we’ll hit the weights as usual, and I anticipate a very good day. I’m struggling again lately to find unique words … Read More Word Search