I felt exceptionally tired again this week, evidenced in part by my lack of posting here and by two missed training runs.  I thought it had more to do with being mentally drained than a physical cause, but maybe I was wrong.

My work week ended on a happy note, and I felt a sense of renewal and optimism I haven’t had in a while. 
Thursday morning at 4 a.m., I had a brainstorm session in my bed and decided to present some ideas to Coach. The plan won’t work without his buy-in – he’s the key player.
I waited until our workout on Friday to talk to him about it, and his reaction far exceeded my expected outcome.  The expression on his face and his repeated compliments embarrassed me until my chest broke out in a red rash.  One of my favorite things in the world is to please him, whether it’s hitting a new weight-lifting record, running a new race PR, or sharing something from my heart that winds him up.
I was so pleased with our talk – I definitely felt the glow return to my soul.
Happily, I ordered pizza for date night with my son, and we watched reruns of Full House at his request.  All three of my kids love that show – I still don’t get it, but I certainly can’t disagree with my girls who think Uncle Jessie is hot. 
I ate a little too much and immediately regretted it.  My stomach hurt and I didn’t feel so great.  I was slightly nauseated and decided I just needed to go to bed, which I promptly did.
Severe nausea came next, followed by 7 hours of vile vomiting (which I will politely refrain from detailing here).  Sleep refused to come, and I spent the whole night tossing and turning with chills and body aches while my head feverishly drifted from thoughts of Spartacus to guilt and worry about missing another run.  I stubbornly thought I would be able to sneak in an 8-miler at the end of the day, but I didn’t have my legs yet.  
Last night, I finally slept the way god intended –peacefully and quietly.  My bed never felt so comfortable.  My body was dead weight in the middle of a soft cloud, and every one of my parts felt content and happily exhausted, as if I’d just had a marathon sex session.  I woke up without a trace of fever, the body aches had subsided, and I felt like myself again.
I’m excited for my scheduled run today.  I’m anticipating an exceptional week at work, and… life is good.  It’s really very fucking good.       

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