My heart feels yellow. 

This evening my son asked me to describe the color yellow without using visual words.  I said it’s like warm golden sunshine on your skin.  Pure happiness.  That’s yellow.  Of course, it happens to be my favorite color.
Today my heart feels yellow.
I still have some headache residue from the weekend’s body invasion, but overall I feel better and I was able to get a chest workout in at the gym with Coach. 
It was a perfect workout.  I stayed to the lighter side, while Coach pressed dumbbells so heavy I couldn’t even lift up one with two hands from the floor.  We had sparkling conversation and happy attitudes, and for the entire session I felt so incredibly grateful for everything I have without a trace of disappointment about anything I don’t.  It felt like the best days – maybe even better. 
Being in the moment, in the here and now, instead of being locked up inside my damn head with the yesterdays or the tomorrows is when I am happiest.  Mission accomplished – Love has come back home.
I don’t think it’s a surprise that my favorite first signs of spring are yellow.  Daffodils are strong and smiling these days around here, and the forsythia are beginning their showy coming out party. 
And the whole world smiled today, because the weather was divine and we all deserved a day like this.  

1 Comment on “I’m Sprung

  1. Spring has sprung and yellow is the color of the sun!! The same sun that warms our face, our bodies, our souls. Its been a long and cold winter!! Soak up the sun, enjoy the yellow and keep smiling with the world!


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