Today was a whirlwind of big things happening around me, and my body felt exhilarated from absorbing all of that energy.  It seems I’m still in recovery from whatever was bugging me last weekend, but today was much improved.  Much.

To top off the excitement, it was Arm Day at the gym – my personal favorite, although I had to drop back and simply observe towards the end because my body was yelling at me to take it easy.  So was Coach – kinda.  I obeyed, but only for gym time.  Running was non-negotiable. 
I was concerned about today’s miles because I’ve had such a rough go of it lately and this is my last big week before my marathon taper.  I really needed to get my confidence back with this 8.  The weather was looking iffy and darkness was settling in, so I decided to take the first 5 in the countryside and follow up with an out-and-back 3 in the ‘hood. 
It was a perfect plan.
The countryside is coming to life with color popping out everywhere.  A blanket of soft pink buds covered the otherwise dead-looking apple trees at the orchard as far as my eyes could see.  The roadside was covered with clumps of daffodils, and a few forsythia bushes proudly boasted their gorgeous brilliant yellow.  
I love yellow.
I smelled the strong scent of new mulch and of freshly turned dirt as neighbors and farmers prepare for the season.  Soon, machines will be humming and the world will suddenly turn green and lush.
I felt happy and content and full of life and Love.
As I came back around the loop and headed for the final 3, I watched lightning dance across the sky at a distance that still seemed safe enough for me to continue.  The dark clouds had moved in and the breeze cooled dramatically and grew stronger.  The electricity of a pending thunderstorm gives me goose bumps.
For the first time in a long time, I felt connected.  I felt plugged in.  I felt like I was part of everything that was happening around me, and my own expended energy contributed to the whole. 
It was a very good day.
And I feel like I’m standing at the edge of something truly wonderful.  

One Comment on “Edge of Glory

  1. This was as much of a feel good post as any! This time of the year is a time to come alive. I felt like I ran this with u. Mile by mile! I smelled the mulch, I saw the colors and I really enjoyed this run. Great time of the year to run and feel good!


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