What a day. 

The running community took a hit in Boston – a very sad moment for the world’s most famous marathon.  My stomach hurts and my heart aches for both my fellow runners and the loving community of spectators who make the marathon such an exciting experience.  Now I want to qualify more than ever – Fear can’t win. 
Prior to the disaster up north, Chest Day was a big success at the gym.  I giddily rehashed the weekend’s running activities with Coach, and he had that look on his face that makes me tingle all over.  I just love that look.
It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I began my workouts with Coach.  What a lot of changes.  I’m not the same person at all.  My body is different.  My mind is different.  My soul is different.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up at that gym. 
Some of the journey has actually reconnected me with old, lost parts of myself, and some of it has led me to brand-new ideas and feelings in a continuous evolution into a new and improved me.
A page is turning – I feel it.  And the story just keeps getting better and better…

1 Comment on “The Long Run

  1. This post I skipped until now. There is so much I want to discuss on the Boston topic. I am sick over this and for those suffered. I also want to share my story with u on how I qualified, could very well have been there, how I will be there next year and how I am gonna help u qualify too! I can talk running all day easily. If you would like me to share more I can certainly email u. This is your page and your space.

    Running and fitness is def a game changer. Your journey this past year has changed you and your outlook on life. If I get the chance to read your prev posts I can get a better guage on the distance traveled. But for now, congrats! Be proud Lisa. Be very proud!! You are amazing!


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