Another long, long day.

I missed my Wednesday workout with Coach, but I took advantage of his absence and used the time to get my daily miles out of the way.  It was gorgeous outside, and my run felt comfortable and invigorating.  Tomorrow we’ll hit the weights as usual, and I anticipate a very good day.
I’m struggling again lately to find unique words and ways to describe my state of being.  I’m fucking happy.  That’s really the best phrase to tell the story.  I keep thinking surely one day I’ll wake up from this dream and realize it was all smoke and mirrors, but that hasn’t happened.  I just keep getting happier and happier.  Runner’s high?  That’s doubtful.
I have a million more things to do before this week comes to a close, but it’s a wonderful, fulfilling exhaustion that keeps me challenged and prevents my head from getting into trouble with too much extra thinking.
But in the midst of the busyness, one of my favorite parts of the day is when I finally get to shut the light, rest my head on my pillow, and remember each of the amazing things in my life that bring me so much joy.  I usually fall asleep long before I get a chance to count my blessings.   
And, with heavy eyelids, I’m wrapping up this short post to have a moment of gratefulness before I wake to begin what promises to be another excellent day. 
I can’t wait.

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