I’m floating.  My head is dreaming and my body is going through the motions of a lazy Saturday morning.  I feel calm and my eyes are on the edge of happy tears.  My favorite sweats hang off of my hips casually – I love the temporary flat-stomach results of inadvertently missing a meal. 

I feel free in a comfortable way – sort of like the first time I walk around barefoot in the soft green grass at the beginning of the summer.  It’s a delightful sensation that only begins in my feet and sends the rest of my spirit glowing.  It’s a release – a relief – a letting go of tension and survival mode and moving gently into the warmth of here and now.  It’s like feeling the first hot sun on my pasty white winter skin that warms my bones and invigorates my entire body.
I feel restored.  I feel connected.  I feel happy and grateful and… cherished.
I love being a girl.  Some women want equality, but I definitely do not.  I embrace my femininity and love sexy lingerie, manicures, stilettos, and makeup.  Running marathons and lifting weights doesn’t make me a guy – it just makes me a strong girl.  But consequently, it takes a strong, strong man to get my attention and keep it.
Love me unconditionally, cherish me fiercely, blaze the trail with a mighty sword, and I will follow you anywhere. 


1 Comment on “A Mighty Sword

  1. Strength is measured in so many ways!! Femininity is sometimes misunderstood! Put them together and the posibilities are endless for you!


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