Dreams end too quickly; I want to rewind the tape and play it back, frame by frame, over and over again, until every moment is permanently etched in my memory, to be recalled at will whenever I please.

But the details fade into feelings – and the feelings are enormous – and I am left struggling with the weight of them.
He took me into his arms and pressed his lips into mine, and I melted into another world.  I wanted him to touch me everywhere.  I wanted clothes to disappear and for there to be nothing standing between us so I could feel every inch of his skin pushed hard against my own.  I wanted to feel his heart beating with my breast and absorb the vibration of it into my entire body. 
I couldn’t grasp what was happening; I was overcome with emotion and with his strength.  His arms were like a fortress wall around me, keeping me safe from anything threatening to hurt me.  His kiss was the breath of Life to my soul.    
In my dream, he was firm and erect and perfect, and I admired his beauty and rock-hard everything.
But I blinked and it was over.  I woke both incredibly satisfied and frustrated.  I want to close my eyes again and slip quietly back into the fantasy…

One Comment on “Dream On

  1. My God! I love the passion in that! My heart raced immediately!! So sensual! Nothing better than that! Please forgive me for saying but I was instanly aroused Lisa. You paint such a vivid picture which makes u a fantastic writer and a very affectionate dreamer!


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