I couldn’t wait for my run this morning.  I craved a little personal space so I could let my mind wander back to my dream without interruption.  A couple of hours worked for me.

The sun was bright but not warm, and the lighter winds made for a terrific Sunday jog through the countryside.

I felt happy and the miles passed quickly and easily without consequence.  Completely lost in my thoughts, I was relatively unaware of my surroundings except for the few feet of road directly in front of me.  I was rounding the corner for home before I had a chance to get tired.

I pleasured myself with memories of my dream.  I tried not to go too deep in my thinking but just enjoy the movie in my head.

I thought of sex and of Love and of gladiators.  I considered a beautiful line from Spartacus:

“We do not choose love. It claims each man as it will.”

How different the world would be if Love came to us only after careful analysis and deliberation.  Maybe that’s the problem with online dating – too many lists, too many must-haves, too much thinking and choosing.  Not enough open hearts and miracles from the Universe.

And as it comes to me, I embrace it gratefully, because I understand completely that it’s a rare gift for a lucky few.

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