Another exhausting day.  I complain, but truth be told, I like to be busy and feel like I contribute something for my efforts.

I’m trying not to think about the countdown to my marathon; I can’t believe it’s looming now.  The taper is in full swing along with my appetite and my nerves.  My head is freaking out and lectures me every day about how insane I am to think I can do this thing.  I try to ignore her, but she is a relentless Nervous Nelly.  She’s completely disconnected herself from the rest of my body, which is well-trained and knows exactly what to do.  If she had a set of shoulders I would shake them and look her square in the eye and tell her to calm down and shut the fuck up.
My schedule is off – lower miles, missing workouts with Coach, and longer days at work.  The rest of me reacts like Rain Man when he can’t buy his Hanes boxer shorts at K-Mart.  I don’t know what to do when I’m not doing what I always do.
But tomorrow is my beloved Arm Day, and come hell or high water, nothing will interfere with that.  Have I mentioned how much I love Arm Day?
Good things are in motion all around me, and I remain grateful and happy.  The dream still hasn’t left my head, thank goodness.
Off to bed for a quick episode of Spartacus and a good night’s sleep so I’ll have lots of energy for doing all those bicep curls.  And for watching them.  Dear god in heaven…

1 Comment on “Pre-Race Jitters

  1. The taper is the hardest part! Mentally it can ruin u Lisa! Trust in your journey and your training. You will ace it!


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