I’ve always been a big talker.  A long discussion was the answer to everything – conflict resolution, self-expression, and attempts to connect with another living soul.

In the past year, my words have very often escaped me – my tongue tied and voice forgotten.  My body took over the task with dozens of tell-tale facial expressions and he learned them all until he knew me better than I knew myself. 
It was frightening to be seen so completely.  Even when I tried to hide, he drew me out and insisted on seeing the real me – not the character I often play. 
I’ve always been at home on the stage, dancing or singing my way outside of myself, protecting what lay beneath.  I would let them see the parts I wanted to present – nothing more. 
Now I am exposed – and he as well, I believe – and we can have an entire conversation without speaking a word between us. 
And this is the most extraordinary, wonderful thing.  

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