It feels strange to be here – in this place – where I first stepped outside of the opinions and thoughts of others and began to form my own. DC is spectacular in the springtime.

I held my breath as I drove along the GW Parkway this afternoon and felt the wonderful energy this season offers in our nation’s capital. Active people were out en masse after surviving a long cold winter. Azaleas are popping. Bikes, kayaks, strollers and skates – everyone looked happy and glowing.

Reconnecting with dear friends renews my soul. Lunch in Georgetown, a visit to our makeup artist to search for a lipstick shade from 8 years ago, and dinner shared with lovely, strong women… I am recharged.

NJ seems like a faraway land, and work – another universe entirely, although it’s never far from thought.

Tomorrow I will run the streets of the district and challenge my feet, my legs, and my breath. And then I will go home to the life I’ve grown to love in the place I once despised.

1 Comment on “Home Away from Home

  1. I love it! NJ is the most beautiful state that u love to hate. So tough to live here but so oroud to be a part of!!! Great job in your race Lisa!! Welcome home!


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