After a very long day full of running, eating, and friendship, I couldn’t wait to return to the things I find most comforting – my countryside, my heavenly bed, and a promise of a brand-new week bright with opportunity and happy things.

What once brought only sorrow and frustration has become my light and joy.  For it is in this place – this foreign land full of funny accents and Catholics – I have finally found my beating heart.  And with it, Life and Love.
I continue to discover the best that is in me, soaring to unseen heights and never-before imagined dreams.  I recognize without a doubt that the Universe set me up perfectly for all of this, but Coach also had a hand in it.  I don’t remember anyone else in my life ever telling me to “go win.”  My parents encouraged me to do my best, leaving room for falling short and introducing doubt.  No one has ever suggested the possibility of winning, so I never dreamed I could.   
It’s a risk, to win.  Setting my limiting ideas aside isn’t easy.  Fear grabs me.  Old messages play in a constant loop inside my head.  Mom bit her lip and wrinkled the middle of her forehead while warning me to be careful – you can’t be an effective coach and use the word “careful.”  Go win. Whether or not I come home with the big trophy every time is irrelevant.  Winning is an attitude – a determination – a willingness to step outside of my comfort zone and shoot for the stars.  It’s being the best I can be.  That’s winning.  And that fills me up and makes my heart grow. 
I kicked and screamed about coming to New Jersey.  I bitched and moaned for 8 long years about being stuck here.  And now, I live.  I live in New Jersey.  And every day, I thank the gods for that.

“Nothing in this world is impossible when heart and mind are put towards it.”
 ~ Spartacus

1 Comment on “I’m Gonna Make this Place my Home

  1. Amen Lisa! Such an inspiring post! Winning may not be everything but what is it if we don't strive for it? You certainly won this weekend!! Welcome home Lisa!


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