My son was in a funky funk and wasn’t interested in any of the dinner options I offered tonight.  I could tell he needed to eat, and mostly he needed to talk, but it’s not easy to draw him out.  So I grabbed the tortillas and cheese and asked him to come talk to me while I made quesadillas for my daughter and myself.  The kids sat at the counter and I casually asked him if he wanted just cheese on his quesadilla.  He said yes, and then he asked me if I was trying to trick him.  I said of course.  He ate.  He talked.  He laughed and smiled.  Mission accomplished.

I’m feeling pretty tired today after yesterday’s race and long drive home, but I did manage to get my Monday chest workout in with Coach, which charged me up as I recapped the weekend for him and entertained him with my sarcastic wit – a result of my elevated sense of self-worth after finishing in the top 6.7% of my age group at the Nike Women Half Marathon.  I’m getting too big for my britches.  It’s his fault.
He caught me wringing my hands and fidgeting – an outward sign of my inward anxiousness about my next race.  I’m getting excited and very nervous.  Plus, I’m wound up like a drum.  That’s his fault, too.
I have more to say, but I feel sleep coming swiftly, and I have one more thing to do before I drift off…

1 Comment on “Wind in my Sails

  1. Mission accomplished! The importance of getting your kids to open up and talk can't be measured. Kudos to you for picking up on his needs Lisa.

    Great job getting your workout in, esp after being so tired. Congrats on your epic achievement in your half too! 6.7%…..think about that!!! There is another PR waiting for u in Long Branch. That I know so no worries there. The excitement and nervousness is part of why we run.

    Mmmmmm such pleasure in that “One more thing” Hope u slept well Lisa.


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