Another extraordinarily happy day.  It’s getting more and more challenging to write about it. 

Miles are down, appetite and nerves are up.  Happiness is above and beyond.
I kept things light at the gym with Coach while he did his stack-maxing back workout and abdominal gymnastics.  We talked about times gone by and I drew pictures in my mind and remembered my own high-school experiences with gratefulness that they are behind me.  The best days of my life are now.
Coach has been patient with me this week.  My thoughts are never far from the marathon, interrupted only by invasive obsessions about food or sex.  I’m pretty distracted and my workouts have been mediocre and unfocused.  My head is either somewhere on the course around mile 22, mentally reviewing the contents of my lunch bag, or lost in yesterday’s list. 
Fantasizing about a steamy, passionate love scene straight out of a Spartacus episode is both warming and frustrating.  It’s one of my favorite mental escapes, but the missing physical component is hard to bear sometimes. 
This is the longest period of time I’ve gone without sex since I started having it.  And here I am, happy as I can be.  Unbelievable.  

1 Comment on “Sneakers, Snacks, and Sex

  1. I haven't been feeling so well and along with a hellish schedule and a little bit of self pity, I really wanted to try and catch up on your blog and my guilty pleasure.

    I can't blame u one bit Lisa for the way your thoughts are all over the place. Days before your marathon your head is all over the place and that is natural. So much to think about, so much planning, so much doubt but yet so much confidence. Not only is it stessful but so consuming. That's what makes the marathon so great, all the unknowns. It is a true test of indurance, faith, and mental toughness!

    The fantasies of sex and passion will always be there and while it is a great escape sometimes, and even with the reduced miles and more time to think about it, it often takes a back seat to the marathon.


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