Not running is painful.  Missing 3 gym workouts is excruciating.  My body is still recovering from Sunday with an irritating hip twinge and very sore calves, of all things.  The agony of disappointment lingers, but I feel it evaporating with every slow sigh that escapes my lips.

Coach gave his understanding and consent for me to entertain a brief mourning period, but I think it’s time to kiss it goodbye and get on with living.  The very things I looked forward to last week – the things that made my heart sing and my mouth curl up into a smile – remain unchanged and continue to bring me joy.  I will not have that fall upon an ungrateful spirit.
Living in Love when the world is rosy is simple, but living it in the middle of chaos is what separates us from our Fear.  Life will never be exactly as I wish it.  A million times I will choose Love over Fear.  Sometimes it just takes me a little while to come to my senses.
Once, in my dream, Spartacus looked deeply into my eyes and said to me gently that we would have days like these.  And I loved him for speaking the Truth and for his willingness to walk with me through the darkness.   

1 Comment on “The Agony and the Ecstasy

  1. Lisa, I can understand the pain of not running. Resting after a marathon is a must no matter how well it went. The body needs this period to heal and repair. But when this time is spent reflecting on a personal disappointment (It was last year in Philly for me), It can be hell. The good news is your hip is healing, your heart is healing and your head is starting to play ball again. You are such a strong woman Lisa and this will only make you stronger. Imagine that? lol


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