My relaxed body sank deep into my soft bed last night as the thunder rumbled outside my open window.  I woke to the sound of hard, steady rain this morning that held me beneath the cool sheets for a long morning kiss.   
I dreamed of Spartacus again.  For all his mighty strength, he is equally sweet and gentle.  This is indeed the magic combination that makes a woman willing to hand her heart over on a silver platter along with anything else he may desire. 
His gaze upon me sets my universe spinning, and I feel as though I’ve never really lived until now – that all my life I’ve been sleeping and dreaming in black and white.  With his kiss, I wake.
I open up to him – to Love – with my soul and my mind, and my body follows without thought or hesitation.  I long for him to fill me up – to press himself against me so closely that we are one and no open spaces exist between us.  I want to hold on to his strong arms while his tongue searches out mine and he takes me to places I’ve not yet gone. 
I want to touch him everywhere – to trace his muscles with my fingertips until I’ve connected with every inch of his beautiful gladiator body.  I want to guide his hand to my favorite feel-good places and lose myself completely in the pleasure of it. 
I want hours – not minutes.  I want to set aside the armor and the swords and the business of strategic battle planning.  I want to live as though another moment in time has never been, nor ever will be.  I want to be ravaged with passion until I’m exhausted and can’t move.
Sleep is welcome when it brings such dreams.
Back to reality…
It felt delicious to return to my routine yesterday, complete with a back workout at the gym with Coach and a hot sauna.  Of course I got a stern look when I mentioned that I’d like to start running again in the immediate future – he doesn’t think that’s a very good idea, much as he supports my running in general. 
But the workout was productive and took me to my happy place.  I’m ready to buckle down and go hard next week.
Somewhere, here amidst all the assorted bullshit, I can find moments of peace – even while standing still. 

1 Comment on “Run Away

  1. Ahhhh. My heart is pounding after reading this and I am instantly aroused. Is there anything more sensual than spending the afternoon trapped naked in bed, skin on skin during a thunderstorm? Kissing and touching and being pleasured over and over again. Taking the time to explore each others body passionately. A fantastic vision Lisa. You are extremely sexy and your fantasies are so erotic. Your ache for affection and body's desire to be ravaged and loved on is so amazing. I can barely breathe. Lol


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