I just finished watching the series Rome, an inadequate follow-up to Spartacus.  Ancient Roman and Egyptian history intrigues me, but love and war and sex make the most fascinating stories – some things never change.

In a world where marriages were often arranged for political gain and other practical reasons, Love obviously had no such rationality.  The invisible pull between two hearts did not distinguish between slave and master, poverty or royalty, young or old, married or not.  Love was Love, and it was often the driving force that caused ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
Certainly as many forms of Love exist as there are people who Love.  Infatuation, adoration, admiration, respect… that is where all great fairy tales surely begin.  And the hearts which learn to open up and Love without Fear are the luckiest of all, for that sort of Love is truly divine.
To me, divine Love means exposure.  It means opening up and getting tangled up in one another’s souls, not just body parts, though the body is a communication tool for the soul.  Experiencing physically that which we know metaphysically is one way our souls speak to each other.  And this sort of sex must surely be different than fucking for the sake of an orgasm.
Anyway… there were many things about these two television series that kept me entranced.  But Love and sex – these two – are constantly on my mind.  And the greater of these is Love.

1 Comment on “When in Rome…

  1. I personally have never watched either of these series. I've caught an episode here and there but don't think I've ever watched a full episode. (I may have to now lol) But I couldn't agree with you more that there are many forms of love. The strongest of all love I feel is sacrifice! Taking your own life to save the one you love. Giving your prized possessions to someone else to have. Divine love is sacrifice. You talk of exposure and letting your soul getting tangled with another. Yes!!! Fucking for an orgasm, No!! You can do that yourself. Sacrifice and divine love is wanting to please your partner over and over again without wanting anything in return. To get pleasure from pleasing! Nothing less!


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