This weekend was too short, but I’m looking forward to whatever the new week brings my way.  As long as I can keep Fear at bay and stay with Love, nothing can hurt me.  Nothing.

The near future promises more changes – I’m a little breathless.  Still lots of unknowns, but I’m doing my best to trust the Universe and open up to the possibility of being even happier than I already am.  Hard to imagine. But I got a brief glimpse of it the other day, and I guess you’re never too old to experience something brand new and life-changing. 
I’m ready.
I’m ready for the really, really good part.

Bring it on.

1 Comment on “Here We Go…

  1. Weekends are never long enough Lisa! Monday comes around so fast. But you have both feet on the ground and you are digging in. I like that. You are running again and with that comes the endorphins! Fear? Not this week! Bring it on. You are def ready! 🙂


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