The past few days have been one hell of a ride, but I landed on my feet with a smile on my face, even if there’s a residual tickle in my tummy.
I don’t remember a lot of details.  I was pretty focused on one specific idea and I had to work very hard to reel myself back in for a reality check.
I do feel compelled to brag about my progress on Chest Day.  Coach had me pushing 45’s for several sets on more than one machine – I totally rocked it.  Totally.  I think maybe I glared at him when he swapped the 25’s out and went directly to the big boys, but I have to give him credit – he knew exactly what he was doing.
Coach’s coaching didn’t end at the gym – his mentoring skills stretched beyond heavy plates and dumbbells and ventured into real Life stuff.  I guess I’m probably used to dealing with dysfunctional people around me and having their behavior (and mine) seem completely normal.  But Coach has his own calm, healthy style, and when I see him in action, I find myself thinking, “Huh.  That’s different.”  And it shocks me – every time. 

All of my most sensitive issues and demons have been stirred up lately, and I get to look at them from a more loving place than I ever have before, which doesn’t mean I like them or that they’re any easier to deal with. 

But I’m learning.
I’m sure I’ll have more to say tomorrow, but my eyes are heavy and I think the emotional impact of this week requires a serious good night’s sleep.  
Besides, Coach says I think too much.

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