I kicked off my Memorial Day Weekend with an early-morning trip to Home Depot.  The parking lot was mostly empty except for a few expected contractors and a couple of bored old ladies who’d probably been up for hours.  I decided I needed a creative project to occupy my fidgeting hands and to distract my wandering mind.

I found my materials and casually waved off offers for help loading them into my car.  I’m a badass, for godsakes. 
The weather is gloomy and windy with a rain that can’t make up its mind whether or not to fall.  Kinda matches my mood.  It’s going to be a long weekend with another to follow, but one step at a time.
I have a couple of things on the agenda for this weekend to try to snap me out of my obsessive thoughts and bring me back to center.  I haven’t decided if the Spartacus fantasies should be on the list or not.  Much as I love them, the resulting frustration takes its toll.
Underneath the anxiety, I remain happy.  Nothing about that has changed.  The things that thrilled me last week still bring me joy today, and for that, I am exceptionally grateful.
(That last paragraph brought a smile and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I think I’ll focus on that.)

1 Comment on “Long Weekend

  1. Home Depot always puts me in better mood! Lol. You never mention what the project is. I would really like to know. I am never short on projects. They always help with occupying my mind! And of course you should fantasize, nothing makes the heart pound harder right? The heart is life, keep it young!!! 😉


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