It feels so good to feel so good.

Today was Arm Day.  I really think it demands a reverent “Holy” in front of it.  At least I can say I was still mostly calm – except for my favorite part that always charges me up.  Nothing I can do about that except enjoy the ride.  Holy Arm Day should be forever memorialized by a certain person’s biceps cast in bronze – life-sized.  And all of the worshipers could rub the beautiful, bulging muscles for good luck or something.  Yeah.  I like that.  Though I think I would require a personal shrine in the privacy of my own home.

Holy Arm Day!

I took a slow spin around the ‘hood after work in the 90-degree heat.  Despite the choking weather, I really enjoyed myself.  My post-race condition is relatively good.  I’ve lost only one toenail so far, and the rest seem to be holding well.  I’m sporting a couple of nasty blisters on my left foot, and my hip is a little tight this evening, along with some connecting muscles that join up underneath my ass.  And aside from some nagging nausea, I feel just great.

I’m taking a look at some summer races to fill my schedule and give me some excitement over the next few months.  Then I need to make a big decision about the Fall.  After the thrill of the distance last weekend, I   honestly don’t think I care so much about Boston 2014.  Not because I failed in my first attempt to qualify, but because it’s just not the thing that makes me glow.  Running long and slow lights me up.  Running fast and furious stresses me out.

Today I’ve got my shine on, and things felt very happy and positive.  I’m so grateful for days like this.  I really think everything just might be okay, after all. 

1 Comment on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  1. Another feel-good post. I like it. I'm so happy that your recovery is going well and you are running again. Great job yesterday in the heat! Only a runner like myself can appreciate your toenail. I like to call it a badge of honor and courage or the true medal!

    There are a lot of great summer races out there and would love to hear your plans. Maybe we could find one we can do together. Let's not take Boston off the table yet. You are close, real close! You won't need to run fast and furious to get there, just more long slow enjoyable miles. They will make u stronger and increase your lactate threshold.

    Great things are coming your way! You're starting to see that now!


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