Month: June 2013

On Track

I knocked out a half a million things on my to-do list today.  Sweet. I started this morning with a nice 10 through the humid countryside that sweated off 1.5 lbs.  Too bad it was just water loss.  There was a time not so very long ago when 10 miles seemed like a walk in the park, but in this heat and humidity, and … Read More On Track


I assumed my appropriate position on the porch this evening with the usual accessories.  After a couple of rounds of Candy Crush Saga, I just sat back and cried because I’m so fucking happy.  I’m telling you, it’s getting serious, this happiness thing.  Damn. I don’t quite know what to do with it all.  I’m losing the battle to a voracious appetite lately, and … Read More Intoxicated

Show Me

I wonder if one day I’ll look back on this period of my life and forget how it felt to be this happy, or if this is going to be a permanent new norm.  I suspect that once you’ve lived in Love, you just stay there – forever – no matter what, and that you maintain a connection with the persons, places and things … Read More Show Me

I Must Run

Smiling and bright.  Happy heart.   It was Holy Arm Day.   I started the day off about an hour after dawn with a short run through the neighborhood.  The air was cool, comparatively speaking, and I felt very good with both my wind and my turnover.  Morning runs are my favorite, for sure.  I could hear the birds causing a racket above my … Read More I Must Run

Little Things

Have you ever felt so incredibly happy that it scared you just a little?  I don’t feel like I’m on a high, necessarily – it’s just a consistent, underlying glow that’s warming me up from the inside out.  It’s the little things, I think, that are keeping me smiling and content and worry-free about the big things.  And it’s such a divine way to … Read More Little Things

I Like Happy

Well, things are almost back to normal around here.  I’m typing up a late evening post, and I can’t believe tomorrow is a regular Monday and I’ll be shuffling off to work with the rest of the world.  I think this was the first full week I’ve taken off since last August, and I feel like I traveled to another country. I ran in … Read More I Like Happy

Evening Song

The moon is big and beautiful tonight.  I’m in my favorite summer spot, rocking on my front porch and sipping Columbia Crest Chardonnay.  And I’m happy.   My guests are gone, and nothing remains of the week’s stress but some trace evidence of a celebration and some extra dirty towels in my bathroom.  The neighborhood is relaxed, too, with strains of “Happy Birthday” floating … Read More Evening Song

Family Fun

I’m making a valiant effort to return to “normal” with a late-night post, even though my routine is still greatly upset and I can’t possibly put together any coherent writing about the last few days of my life.  I’m almost certain my thoughts will start to gel over the next week as I begin to unwind from this (let’s call it traumatic) experience. My … Read More Family Fun

Note to Self

Whistle While you Work (and Other Princess Tales)

I am pleasantly exhausted after 15 straight hours of household tasks.  And there’s more to do tomorrow.  My feet hurt, my back aches, and I am happy.  Housework is never my number one priority, but god, I just love it when things are fresh and crisp and clean.   The day passed quickly, and I’m delighted with my progress.  My obsessions took a back … Read More Whistle While you Work (and Other Princess Tales)

Open Sesame

My head hurts.  The hardest time for me to write is when my brain is sifting through the stories of my life and trying to make sense of anything.  The thoughts come faster than my words, and they all end up in a messy pile like a bad car accident.  Better to simply live.  Best to live in Love. I’m trying.  I’m trying so … Read More Open Sesame

Open the Door

I have a happy buzz tonight, and I don’t think it was from the water I drank at dinner. I’ve been guarding the door of my heart – keeping it open just enough to peek out and let the air circulate.  Not intentionally really, it’s just been that way.  Fear has been knocking.  Old tapes have been playing in my head about some very … Read More Open the Door