I’m still in a good place emotionally, but I’m battling some minor nausea since Wednesday’s run in the heat, and I’m kinda wiped out.  My stomach has been unusually vocal, too.  Not sure what’s going on, but I took a couple of rest days from the gym and from running.

My body feels puffy and uncomfortable and not very sexy. 

Nevertheless, my Spartacus fantasies have been creeping back into my brain without my invitation, but I haven’t killed them off too quickly.  As long as I don’t get too carried away, it’s a pretty entertaining way to spend a daydream.

Why is it that once that name pops into my consciousness, I find it pretty impossible to focus on anything else?  Muscles, brains, gentle kindness, and sexy sexy.  Divine combo.

My feelings are big; I want to express them. 

And I can’t think of anything else to say. 

1 Comment on “Gladiator Games

  1. I really hope you start feeling better soon Lisa and you're not coming down with anything. You are doing the right thing by resting. It will do the body good to relax and replenish.

    Feeling puffy and uncomfortable is your head playing games again. It happens when we don't workout. You are still the same sexy person you were yesterday and the day before.

    No better way to relax than to fantasize. It feels so good and can get the heart pumping with life again. If your feelings are big and you want to express them, you should!!! I look forward to hearing about them, they certainly get my heart pounding. Like u said, sexy sexy!!!


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