I adore Maroon 5, and I especially liked the music video for Love SomebodyIn the beginning of a relationship, I show only pieces of myself – either because I’m scared to reveal the rest, or because I’m not really sure who I am or want to be.  Finding another person who can help me expose all of myself is an extraordinary thing.  I don’t know if the artist had these thoughts in mind while creating this piece or not, but the symbolism seemed perfect to me.

I did not run today, but Coach and I had a heavy (well, he did the heavy lifting, not me) back workout with some ab work at the end.  He was in stack-maxing mode, and I was happy to observe.  He challenged me to budge his piles of weights, and though I obediently made serious attempts to do so, I was completely unsuccessful.  Completely.  But it’s okay, because I’m a girl, after all.

I sat in the hot, sweaty sauna while the rain poured steadily outside, and I let my mind wander a bit.  Yeah, you know where.

Oddly enough, while I was in the middle of one particular story, an entirely different scenario caught me by surprise and swept me off down a mad, passionate path that left me wide-eyed, overwhelmed, and ravenous.  When I got home this evening, it was the latter that stayed stuck in my mind, and I had those magical twinges in a delayed response as I sat in the chair just thinking of it.

Spartacus was on fire today.  He can lay those calloused, sword-wielding hands all over my parts whenever he likes.  I am his.  Gratefully, happily, breathlessly his.

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