The last 2 days (well, the whole week, really) went by in a whoosh and I’m still sorting through all my emotions, which are all over the map.  My happiness emerged victorious at the end of it all, and I’m just hoping that in the resulting fallout, everything will be okay and that it’s not at the expense of a very close friend.

Yesterday was Holy Arm Day, and Coach and I had yet another unplanned, captivating conversation and my favorite workout took a bit of a backseat while we focused on our talk.  The man continues to impress me greatly in every aspect of who he is, not just for his heavy-lifting.  He is… remarkable. 

Today was a very important day for me – a crossroads of sorts.  I hope I made the right decision.  It feels like it was the right decision, but I suppose only time will tell.  Or if I believe that every choice I make is part of my Path, then I guess there’s no question that it was the right thing for me.

The tough thing about decisions is that sometimes they can impact other people.  Is it always our job to act in another’s best interest, or do we first take care of ourselves and trust that others will do the same?  And if we’re all taking good care of ourselves, then is the world a happy place?


But tonight, I feel content and relieved and very, very happy.  I do not feel a sense of upset or longing for more than what I’ve been given – only gratefulness for the very perfect gifts I have received. 

If I feel some nervousness, it’s mostly about some upcoming events and how they are going to impact my fitness schedule and my life in general.  I do like my routines, after all, and the gym along with my running keeps me sane and happy.

Now that this particular stress has been addressed, I would like to refocus my attention on that heart of mine and ensure it remains open and living in Love.  Of all of my gifts, this is the greatest treasure of all.

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