I am pleasantly exhausted after 15 straight hours of household tasks.  And there’s more to do tomorrow.  My feet hurt, my back aches, and I am happy.  Housework is never my number one priority, but god, I just love it when things are fresh and crisp and clean.  

The day passed quickly, and I’m delighted with my progress.  My obsessions took a back seat to the here and now, and that’s really a great thing.  I haven’t had this kind of energy around the house in such a long time; it’s comforting to focus on one of the things that brought me back to life. 

This house brought me so much joy and hope 5 years ago – it was a brand new beginning.  It’s hard to believe that much time has passed already.  This is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since 1982, and it feels a little strange to think I can actually settle in and stay for awhile.  Very strange.  My son has had the same friends since elementary school – a luxury unknown by his older sisters.

And now I’m falling asleep in the middle of my post, so I guess I’d better shut off the light and save the rest of my thoughts until tomorrow.  

Cinderella, over and out.

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