The moon is big and beautiful tonight.  I’m in my favorite summer spot, rocking on my front porch and sipping Columbia Crest Chardonnay.  And I’m happy.  

My guests are gone, and nothing remains of the week’s stress but some trace evidence of a celebration and some extra dirty towels in my bathroom.  The neighborhood is relaxed, too, with strains of “Happy Birthday” floating in the air from a distant backyard party.  The birds are still chattering, and a gentle breeze makes the flags dance and cools the evening temperature.  The crickets are beginning to sing, and scattered laughter from children adds to the end-of-day chorus.  
With my family stress behind me and the work stress long forgotten in the craziness of the week, I feel my body and my soul relaxing with the night.  My mind is in a dreamy place of carefully chosen thoughts that make me smile everywhere, and I’m in a state of gratefulness that turns longing to happy hopefulness and refuses to let it poison me with bitter frustration.  
I ran yesterday morning and followed that up with a back workout with Coach.  He mixed things up with some variations and kept things interesting.  I felt like i hadn’t seen him in a year – missing Holy Arm Day this week was a big loss for me.  This morning, I ran again and felt a light buzz despite the hot sun, wiggly pace and short distance.  Easy does it.  
The fireflies are beginning their light show now, and the world is getting sleepy.  Lamp posts cast a warm glow along the street, and a chorus of frogs stands in for the birds who have gone to bed.   
I’m unwound and happy.  This was a much more productive way to spend the evening than rehashing recent events and trying to analyze how I feel and why.  
How I feel is happy.  The reason why is because I am living in Love.  
And there you have it.  

2 Comments on “Evening Song

  1. Enjoyed reading this post Lisa! Good to hear your relaxing and enjoying everything around you!


  2. Fantastic post! That was a perfect way to spend your evening. Just you the moon and your glass of wine. The moon last night was amazing. Lit up the sky. Awesome job getting your runs in and getting back to the gym. Sounds to me like you are getting your groove back! 😉


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