Well, things are almost back to normal around here.  I’m typing up a late evening post, and I can’t believe tomorrow is a regular Monday and I’ll be shuffling off to work with the rest of the world.  I think this was the first full week I’ve taken off since last August, and I feel like I traveled to another country.

I ran in the heat this morning, and 8 miles felt like 16, but I’m glad I did it anyway.  The friends in my running community have been gently nudging me to get back out there, and by god, they gave good advice.  I feel so much better, despite the pain of a slow comeback after some time off.  

I had another happy night rocking happily in my rocking chair and just feeling happy about all sorts of things.  It’s good to be happy.  I like happy.

And that’s all I have to say today. 

1 Comment on “I Like Happy

  1. You have some serious momentum going on Lisa! Your vacation was a little stressful but very much needed! Nothing like a little nudge from your friends to help u feel good. (A solid run always helps too!) Happy is good! Keep that momentum rolling right into this work week!


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