Have you ever felt so incredibly happy that it scared you just a little?  I don’t feel like I’m on a high, necessarily – it’s just a consistent, underlying glow that’s warming me up from the inside out.  It’s the little things, I think, that are keeping me smiling and content and worry-free about the big things.  And it’s such a divine way to do Life. 

It was back to work after a week of assorted family business, and even though I wasn’t particularly pleased to rise and shine, it was nice to see everyone and get closer to that evasive “normal.”  I made my social rounds in the office and let the good energy of my friends and coworkers bump up my happiness factor even more. 

Today was a super-terrific workout with Coach, focusing on our usual chest routines and adding in some ab work (which I desperately need).  The weights felt heavy, but he showed me no mercy and just kept pushing us through the sets like a good Coach should.  I liked it.  He took my challenges in stride and I liked that, too.  I’m afraid he’s going to outgrow the gym shortly, and then we’ll have to move to the parking lot so he can lift up cars and push buildings around like some comic-strip superhero.

I honestly thought that this long stretch of feeling good would have sputtered out long ago.  I know I’ve had some rough patches when my Fears took over, but for the most part, I’ve been exceptionally happy for a very pretty long time now.  I’m sure I did absolutely nothing to deserve this kind of bliss, but I’ll say “thank you” and enjoy every fucking minute of it.

1 Comment on “Little Things

  1. I've always said that when we look back on the little things in life, they really turn out to be the the big things, or the things that matter the most!

    Great job on your workout too! A good workout is always so rewarding.

    BLISS!! What a fantastic word! You deserve much more of it than u think Lisa!


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