Smiling and bright.  Happy heart.  

It was Holy Arm Day.  
I started the day off about an hour after dawn with a short run through the neighborhood.  The air was cool, comparatively speaking, and I felt very good with both my wind and my turnover.  Morning runs are my favorite, for sure.  I could hear the birds causing a racket above my music, and fuzzy bunnies darted off into the bushes when I interrupted their morning clover munching.  All the parts that stiffen up overnight loosened up and my day was off to a terriffic beginning.  
School is out, which means I had no one to get out the door besides myself.  Ahh…
Arm Day with Coach is always a thrill for me, and today was no exception.  I wasn’t as bossy as I was yesterday, but I pleaded for an extra set on my favorite bicep machine and he indulged me.  Yay.  
Tonight, I’m in my favorite outdoor spot once again, listening to the Chorus of the Frogs and feeling grateful for everything wonderful and good in my life.  If Part 1 of my story was grief, despair, and sadness, Part 2 is kicking ass and worth every tear shed until now.  
I’ve always felt a little different from the other kids – a little bit strange or nerdy or something.  Wearing glasses in first grade and correcting my fourth grade teacher’s math lessons didn’t help.  But today, I feel exceptionally unique.  I can’t imagine that anyone, anywhere, has ever experienced the same kind of joy my heart has found.  Impossible.  And why the Universe chose me to receive it, I’ll never understand, but I remain humbly thankful.  
I believe that my body, soul and mind are inextricably connected and that when one part suffers, the rest will quickly follow.  I can clearly see the benefits gained from running do not end with a more efficient heart or with strong legs.  I must run.  
As I must breathe, so must I run.  

1 Comment on “I Must Run

  1. Yes, you must run! There is nothing like running in the morning. It is cooler(this time of the year is crucial), it is peaceful and you have fresh legs. Unfortunately, I can only run in the morning on the weekends. I get up far too early for work already. Great job getting it done. The rest of the day is always better after a run. 🙂


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