I knocked out a half a million things on my to-do list today.  Sweet.

I started this morning with a nice 10 through the humid countryside that sweated off 1.5 lbs.  Too bad it was just water loss.  There was a time not so very long ago when 10 miles seemed like a walk in the park, but in this heat and humidity, and with my head telling me I lost my momentum, 10 miles is a long way to run.  This completed my first full scheduled week of training in quite awhile, and I felt proud and satisfied to get it on the books. With no big races on the calendar, I’m a little lost, but I trust things will start to shape up as Fall approaches and I begin to feel more confident again.

The countryside looks like a different place altogether.  The cornstalks are growing like 4-foot weeds with all the rain, and it completely changes the scenery.  I see lots of wheat fields this year, too, and the wispy nature of the slender stalks that have gone to seed add an ethereal golden glow to the landscape.  It’s divine.

I’m surprised at how exhausted I feel this week.  I was surviving on minimal hours of sleep, waking up in the night (highly unusual) and finding all sorts of energy for assorted household tasks.  Not so now that the runs are in full swing again.  I’m pooped.  The wagon is draggin’.  And I’m sleeping like a baby.

My food was better today, but still not back to the healthful status quo.  I’ll get there.  My stomach is still uncomfortable and puffy.  Ugh.  That’s incentive enough, right there.

I can hardly believe tomorrow is back-to-work day already.  I will join the long queue of drivers headed up the NJ turnpike and hope for an uneventful commute.  And then I’ll try to find “normal” in an office that is upside-down with summer schedules and vacations and other disruptive events.  The skeleton crew makes me feel like I’m missing the party elsewhere, and it’s not conducive to high productivity.  I’d rather be home mopping my kitchen floor.

But I am looking forward very much to a few gym days with Coach, which should go a long way towards getting me back on track.

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