I started the day with a sweat-soaking long, slow run through the countryside and convinced myself I am strong and unshakable.  I drank in the miracles of the surrounding farms full of lush, green life and opened my heart to the sky. 
It’s a core-shaking experience, this heart-opening.  The infamous runner’s high is a mere tickle compared to the spiritual phenomenon of allowing Love to permeate my Self and fill me up with overwhelming joy.  I have goose bumps from the inside out and everything is tingling and dancing.
I’m unplugged from my problems and completely connected to the Life around me.  The earth sends energy up through my feet and legs to the center of my being and my body sends it bouncing around to illuminate all of the dark places inside. 
And Love begins to connect all the little dots of Truth that have resonated with me throughout my life so far until everything melts together into one crystal clear ocean of divinity.
I will never be able to return to my old way of living.  I have spent my life looking for this Love, and now that I am in it, I am forever changed.  

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