I survived Chest Day without Coach, but I didn’t like it.  Holy Arm Day will be intolerable.  I miss him, and I miss our regular schedule.  Summertime is tough on me.

UPS Guy tried to get me to go deeper into my presses with the 45’s (which I shouldn’t have attempted on my own anyway), and a trainer sporting a calf injury told me I should do just a couple of sets with lighter weights in order to get a long and lean physique, if that was my goal.  All of this advice was unwanted and fell upon deaf ears.  I will only listen to Coach – that’s it.  If my body isn’t long and lean, it’s because I’ve been eating like shit, not because of my workouts.  Besides, he’s in much better shape than both of those guys put together.  He knows what he’s doing, and I trust him completely.  He pushes me and lets me shine, reels me in when I get too far out, but he never forgets that I’m a girl.

Yesterday’s euphoria carried me into work this morning, and I anticipate more of that as my running mileage bumps up little by little.  I have no idea what the end goal of my 6th marathon training schedule will be, but I haven’t found the right race yet.  Right now, I just want to enjoy running and get through these next few unpredictable months without having a meltdown.

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