Authentic power.  Big stuff.

I get it.  I really get it.  This is the story I’ve been trying to tell for awhile now, but I never associated the choosing with power, but rather, simply the ecstasy of living in Love.

I have been feeling strong, but powerful doesn’t seem like the right word.  Centered, grounded, strong, invincible, safe, happy, full of joy… those words fit my feelings.  In fact, it’s almost the opposite of power, really – a surrendering of my Self to this thing that is much more powerful than I.

It’s a radiance – an energy – that pulsates through me and grabs me, like an extraordinary orgasm that fills me up and rocks my world with waves of incredible bliss.  In order to feel it best, you have to let go.  And then you lie back, exhausted in a wonderful way, and bask in it while the aftershocks continue to drive the experience more deeply until you recover and long to do it again.

The choosing is constant, because the Fear is always there, waiting to destroy everything, for it cannot exist with Love.  Fear doesn’t want Love to win – ever.

It’s getting easier and easier to choose Love.  I like orgasms.  🙂

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