Today I visited the local wholesale club, and I watched the cars filing in and out of the marketplace like ants on a mission to go get “stuff” and take it back to the nest.  Sometimes I wonder if we are more like these tiny insects than we know. 

Are we oblivious to the bigger picture that surrounds us?  Traveling up and down highways to jobs that exhaust us, surviving until the weekend when we follow the rest of the crowd to soccer games and shopping centers?  We may become terrific task masters, but when do we live?  

I feel alive when my heart is open, which almost always happens on my runs. 

I feel alive when I choose Love over Fear, and I’m getting lots of practice.

I’m closing in on 3,000 miles since my reincarnation as a distance runner in early 2011.  If 3,000 miles doesn’t sound like very much, it equates to approximately 6 million steps and 500 hours.  That’s a lot of running. 

And never once did I feel like an ant.  Never once did I feel like I was trudging along through life just to get from one point to another.  Every one of those 6 million steps was important and served to open me up to a brand-new life full of Love and happiness, and it all came at the perfect time.

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